About Us

Mission & Values

ProAir is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and installer of air conditioning and heating systems to the specialty vehicle industry. Our mission is to continually improve our products and services in order to meet our customers’ needs, which will allow us to prosper as a business.

It is our Policy to provide our customers with 100% Quality Satisfaction. As part of our continuous improvement philosophy, we have committed ourselves to forming partnerships with our suppliers; training our employees in quality disciplines; and empowering every employee to execute and enhance our quality processes.

Our People

ProAir has a staff of over 100 people working for you, from order entry to shipping, all departments are staffed with efficiency in mind. Written processes and employees empowered to effect change help streamline and strengthen our ability to provide cost effective goods and services to our customers.

The Employees

The employees at ProAir are well-experienced and dedicated to providing the best possible service for our customers. Employee loyalty is a result of the care and concern we have for the industry as a whole. Many of our employees have been with the company since its early years, enhancing the spirit and pride the company takes in its ability to provide top-quality workmanship.


The facilities at ProAir are located on 13.5 acres of land, including 90,000 square feet of offices, production area, and warehousing. ProAir’s present corporate location in Elkhart, Indiana, provides a very comfortable environment for efficient production, manufacturing, and research and development, with plenty of room for expected growth.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Representative has over a decade of service with ProAir. This department is more than a warranty department. The knowledge gained is analyzed frequently and used to help initiate needed change in products and processes. Should you need our Customer Service personnel they are trained to help you through whatever situation might occur. Should it become necessary, they can at anytime consult Engineering and Installation for additional help in resolving your service need. Customer Service is led by our VP of Operations. This individual has three decades of service at ProAir and has managed Installation and Manufacturing, so the experience is there to help should you need it.

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