Our Engineering Department has over 75 years of mobile air conditioning and heating experience.  Departmental responsibilities include concept initiation, product design and development, product enhancement, testing, assembly process specs, and problem solving.  The Engineering team works with customers to establish accurate system requirements which form the foundation for design efforts.  Solid models of all designs are developed in Inventor that allow customers to see how the system will harmonize with their available space claim and integral components.  Detailed prints are established from the solid model that specify requirements to our supply base.  A product offering may involve a standard “off the shelf” system, but in nearly all cases some level of customization is required for the particular application.  We want the designed system to fit the application so that years of trouble-free service can be expected.  Having on-site installation services available allows engineers to verify designs and troubleshoot problems first hand.  Engineers are available to perform process verification audits at customer locations to ensure ProAir requirements are being met as well as standard air conditioning installation practices.  This benefits the customer by ensuring superior installations but also allows ProAir to enhance product development and improve installation and repair services.  Testing is conducted to verify system conformance to specifications as well as customer supplied test standards.  The ultimate objective is to provide a system that will consistently meet customer requirements while maintaining low costs, reliable performance, and high quality.  We have Engineers who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and pull together customers, suppliers, production personnel, and functional support staff to deliver a quality product in a reasonable amount of time and at a competitive price.