Pro-Air Credit Application

APPLICATION FOR CREDIT ? Including authorization to investigate.

Names of Officers, Partners or Owners:
Trade References: (List only names of firms you buy from on an open account.)
I (we) the undersigned hereby agree and certify I (we) are personally liable and responsible for payment of all debts and obligations incurred hereafter by the applicant herein, its agents or employees, or the undersigned and I (we) do hereby personally guarantee the payment of said debts and obligations and agree to be personally liable for the payment thereof. I (we) do hereby certIfy that I (we) are responsible for seeing that the bills of this company are paid on time. I (we) do hereby agree that the debts and obligations for which I (we) are personally liable under this guarantee Include all invoices and outstanding balances due from the applicant herein to ProAir including without limitation, all collection costs incurred by ProAir, including Interest charges, court costs and reasonable attorneys fees.