Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase ProAir products?

Contact either location or click on the hyperlink for Inside Sales at our Indiana facility or our western division.

What applications are ProAir products used in?

ProAir is a manufacturer of auxiliary heating and air conditioning systems designed for use in van-conversion, commercial-vehicle, and standard-vehicle applications. All systems operate on 12- or 24-volt-equipped vehicles. Specially designed systems for other voltages are available.

Can I install the system myself?

EPA regulations stipulate that all vehicles requiring the removal of refrigerants be serviced by a certified technician and that all refrigerant be reclaimed and recycled. Therefore we recommend the use of a qualified technician for installation of ProAir products. Vehicles starting with the 1996 model year may be ordered from the manufacturer (Ford, GM, or Dodge) with an upfitter's provision for rear auxiliary heating and air conditioning. If so, ProAir can provide a precharged unit that does not require removal of refrigerants.

What is included with a ProAir system?

ProAir rear auxiliary heating and A/C systems for van conversions come complete with all necessary hoses, wiring, mounting hardware, etc. Also available are unit covers, ducting, and louvers. Commercial applications vary; please call for information.

Are ProAir systems R-134a-compatible?

All ProAir A/C units are designed to use R-134a.

What electrical requirements do ProAir systems have?

ProAir systems use 12-volt direct current (DC) only. Some specialty applications are designed for 120-volt applications. Applications that use 24-volt DC may be available upon request.

Do ProAir systems meet government standards?

All ProAir systems meet or exceed all present government and EPA standards.

How do I know how much refrigerant to charge my system with?

Charge amount will vary depending on system used and application. Please consult a ProAir representative.

Why is my air conditioning/heating not working properly?

Please refer to the "Troubleshooting" section of our site.

Are there any regular maintenance requirements?

Please refer to the "Troubleshooting" section of our site.

What model years do ProAir van-conversion products fit?

ProAir heating and A/C units designed for van conversions fit model years 1995 to present on GM, Ford, and Dodge vans. Our commercial line of products are custom-designed applications; model years vary.

Where is the ProAir system located within the van conversion?

Typically it is located in the sidewall, behind the wheel at the rear of the van.

How does the rear heating/air conditioning system work?

The ProAir van conversion rear heating and A/C system is designed to be an auxiliary unit utilizing the existing dash heat and A/C system.

How long should it take for the auxiliary unit to heat (cool)?

The answer depends on several variables: ambient temperature, blower-fan speed, humidity, engine RPM, etc. The auxiliary unit will never achieve the exact same level of heating or cooling as the primary system. The auxiliary system is a "slave" unit; it is designed to assist in achieving a warmer or cooler environment within the vehicle.

Does ProAir do any conversion work?

No. ProAir is a manufacturer/distributor of heating/air conditioning products.

How do ProAir heaters operate?

ProAir heaters have a 12-volt electric fan and a heat-exchange coil. The heating system connects to the existing water lines of the vehicle's engine-cooling system.

Are you still not finding the answer you're looking for? Contact us directly and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.