Manufacturers of Air Conditioning and Heating Systems for Specialty Vehicles

We believe ProAir produces the finest products in the industry. We not only develop through our own resources, we also rely on customer and end user feed back to improve as needed our products and services. ProAir’s product line up is very broad and we service many industries. From Van and Limousine to Ambulance and Fire / Rescue, Public Transportation and Airport Ground support Vehicles all the experience gained in these other markets help to expand and improve the products you receive today. The company’s main headquarters, manufacturing, and Installation facility is located in Elkhart, Indiana and the company also operates a warehouse / installation facility in Ontario, California.

ProAir’s parent company, KODA Enterprise Group also owns American Cooling Technology (ACT).

ACT designs manufactures and supports a complete line of advanced bus air conditioning systems for School Bus, Commercial, Shuttle and Transit Buses. ACT air conditioning systems are available for both conventional and hybrid drive vehicles. In addition to a complete Bus A/C product line ACT offers specification support, product testing, service parts and training services. ProAir works closely together with ACT to give sales & warehouse support, along with providing installation and technical services for their quality product line to the Shuttle Bus Manufacturers in Elkhart County, Indiana and Southern California regions.



Some of our competitors have made a vast investment to provide a testing service. This service is readily available to us at facilities in our community. Both facilities we use are capable of running any test pertinent to mobile climate systems. If the testing needs a PE certification one facility we use has an on staff individual ready to provide this service. We made a company decision years ago to utilize these facilities as needed; this has two benefits to our customers.

  1. A test that is performed by an Independent Testing Facility will always be performed in a non-bias manner.
  2. The costs associated with Operating and maintaining this type of facility if not recouped must be passed along in the cost of product.

ProAir believes this is the most ethical way to provide credible documented test results.