We believe ProAir produces the finest products in the industry. We not only develop through our own resources, we also rely on customer and end user feed back to improve, as needed, our products and services. ProAir’s product line up is very broad and we service many industries. From Van and Limousine to Ambulance and Fire / Rescue, Public Transportation and Airport Ground support Vehicles all the experience gained in these other markets help to expand and improve the products you receive today. ProAir is also a partner with American Cooling technologies (ACT). ACT is a leader in the Public Transportation market. This section of our company benefits our customers in many ways. First and probably most important is performance. The Bus market provides systems up to 180,000 BTU’s. This is a demanding market where performance is a must. Working with ACT Engineers, ProAir has developed many products. These technologies carry over to provide industry-leading products to all ProAir customers.

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