Warranty Procedures

1.      The repair facility must contact ProAir by calling 574 264 5494 or 800 338 8544, asking for the customer service department or by faxing the Warranty Checklist. The following information is required: (See ProAir Checklist) ProAir serial number and model number, vehicle identification number (VIN), mileage, retail pur­chase date, and retail cus­tomer’s name. The installers of ProAir’s air conditioning units apply an installation sticker to the passen­ger-side door jamb. The information on this sticker tells what model unit was installed, the unit’s se­rial number, date of installation, and the in­stallers’ as­signed numbers. This in­formation is very helpful when requesting warranty parts or technical assistance.

2.       Describe the problem or type of warranty repair needed. Our customer service special­ists are trained on ProAir’s units and can aid you in diagnosing the problem.

3.       If parts are needed, ProAir reserves the right to supply any and all warranty parts.

4.       All warranty parts are shipped on a memo (no-charge) billing and are sent the same day if possible. An authorization number accompanies the replacement parts. Also noted on the memo billing is our labor allowance for the repair; labor allowances are based on ProAir’s flat-rate standards multiplied by the repair facility’s standard retail labor rate. All de­fective parts shall be returned to ProAir; shipping charges—by the most eco­nomical method—may be added to the cost of the repair. No warranty claims will be paid without the return of defective parts.

5.       Warranty claims submitted to ProAir must include the following: ProAir authoriza­tion num­ber, ProAir serial number, vehicle identification number, mileage, and authorized la­bor amount. ProAir does not pay tax or miscellaneous shop supplies. All claims must be submitted within 30 days of the date of repair, and all parts must be returned in or­der to re­ceive pay­ment on these warranty claims.

6.       ProAir reserves the right to deny any claims without the proper documentation or claims that were for improper repairs. Service management is responsible for imple­menting controls to eliminate improper or unnecessary repairs and providing accurate information on the claims. This includes a complete and clear description of the vehi­cle’s concern and required repairs.


Download the Warranty Checklist